These are the present modules currently available for authoring a Rule. Press the icon next to a module's name for details about it. Not all entries are complete. Please write to us with suggestions for additional modules or improvements to existing ones.

What are the core missions, values, and norms?
Autonomy Diversity Eloquence Friendship Mission Norms Origins Purpose Ritual Secrecy Solidarity Stake Story Values
Who can make decisions and how?
Approval voting Consensus Lazy consensus Continuous voting Disapproval voting Do-ocracy Majority Voting Proof of Work Random Choice Range Voting Ranked Choice Referendum Rough Consensus Sortition Stake Weight
How are policies implemented, and how do they evolve?
Accountability Process Code of Conduct Debate Delegation Deliberation Dissolution Exclusion Initiation Lobbying Meritocracy Modification Petition Platform Policy Register Polling Precedent Recess Refusal Representation Reputation Transparency
What kinds of roles and internal entities are there?
Autocracy Board Bureaucracy Caucus Coalition Committee Constitution Council Executive Federation Identity Judiciary Legislature Membership Ownership Power Vacuum Rights Roles